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Hi, you can call me Alex

“I help individuals to become their best version.”

Every living being is beautiful, including you and me. Each of us in this world has our own world within us.

True brilliance and potential are hidden in each of us, and it can always be even more beautiful with the right tools.

Giving yourself and beautifying other people's perspectives is one way to beautify yourself.

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The ultimate planning solution for busy peoople who want to reach their personal goals


Executive Coaching

Make your career work for you, reclaim your power & unlock your potential.

Group Coaching

Create a meaningful life you love, kickstart your Motivation & get Results.

Advisor Training Program

Get inspired and energized! Think, wonder, discover & learn new ways to be in the world
The ultimate planning solution for busy people who want to reach their personal goals

I can help you in this particular areas.

We believe even the smallest choices we make can have a significant impact over time. That’s why it’s our goal to make eco-friendly alternatives more accessible than ever.

Make a decision
Coach is a trusted partner who holds you accountable and & believes in you, even when you doubt yourself.
Get unstuck, make better decisions. Create new habits and lasting change.
Real Deal Coaching
Boldly go further, because it can be so personal that Alex can be that one friend that never fails.
Transformation Completed
Wellbeing Life Coach will help you find your purpose and clarity in life by understanding who you really are.

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The ultimate planning solution for busy women who want to reach their personal goals


You have nothing to lose and everything to gain. Price is more than simbolic.
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